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Our story

Our story began in the year of 1986.

In our great-grandfather’s booming economy , one of the growing plant was garlic. One year the ice bet all the onion. Instead of wailing, he resorted to a clever idea: he began to peel the garlic in order to sell in an oven-ready form, so as to save what can be saved.

From him came the great idea, so we started to clean garlic beside growing , which brought us a supplementary  income.

The coffee and brandy was an integral element of manual cleaning as ’unbeatable technology’, an activity of the family business.

The former is useful for  blood pressure restoration, the latter was essential for capacity improvements. By this way, the collective work  became more enjoyable.

1987: the first important milestone in our evolution:

We bought our first " truck," a Trabant. This ’truck’ supplied the meat factories with cleaned garlic for years.

Our annual production  reached  1 tonne!

1990: The manual cleaning was replaced by machine cleaning. After some brainstorming, our latest technology was born: cleaning garlic with machine using the rotary washing machines.

With this "earth-shattering technical achivement" we reached our 6 tons / annual capacity.


Because of the increased delivery needs we expanded our fleet.



1991 Due to the increasing production, the indestructible washing machines had been  changed and it was time to start a serious enterprise.

As a consequence, in 1991 was built our first processing factory, with self-developed machines.

By 1996 we could be proud with a real truck.

Each week for several days, we had supplier tours countrywide.

At this time the company annual capacity reached 10 tons!


By the summer of 2000, the company obtained a new colleague.

We satisfied several hungarian meat factory and canning industry needs, and

we also started to export in Austria.


Put everything on one card, mobilizing all our financial opportunities,we started the construction of a new proccessing factory in 2001.

We mechanized our  processing and countless innovative solutions are developed, extended and modernized each year.  The annual capacity is up to 250 tonnes.

2011: According to restaurants and big cuisines demands, we developed the crushed garlic product.

The oven-ready purified garlic is crushed, always fresh, with optimal packing and long shelf-life.


2012: The flavour of the product won the housewives pleasure and they asked the product in smaller packages too.

We began an intensive product development. We developed the spicy versions to grills, roasts and roast poultry as well. This was the year of survey, product development and tasting the developed product.

On the basis of our surveys, we had no doubt of our success so as we purchased the technology of garlic production in tube.

2013: the company looked at new pleasures, as DOMI’s triplets were born.

This product line was also recognized with an OMÉK award by the jury.

We started the introduction of our products on domestic and international market.

We are proud of our results achieved so far. We are partly grateful for these achievements to our family’s unselfish support and cohesive help, on the other hand to our company’s hard-working  employees.

Their success story is our story so far.

to be continued…….