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About garlic

Garlic , the natural antibiotic
Folk therapeutic history

Garlic is not only the strongest-smelling spices, but it is certainly one of the oldest herbs as well. The ancient Islamic legend says that garlic grew up from  the devil left leg’s footprint and the onion grew up from the right. This story of origin reflects that because of the mysterious healing effect, the bulb vegetables are surrounded by several mysteries.
Although derived from the devil, the people’s beliefs usually hold that garlic is an  effective weapon against evil. The vampires are deterred by the fragrant garlands, but it can be effective against the witches too.

Addition to beliefs and tales, the garlic was used as an effective medicine in ancient Egypt and India. In ancient Egypt, specified doses were divided among pyramid builders  in order to remain healthy and able to work. Hippocrates, Pliny and Dioszkuridész also wrote extensively about the garlic in the ancient times.
Thousand years ago they have already recognized that this powerful herb not only conjures the food tastier, but it has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to keep out the majority of disease, besides this is good for digestion improvement, for curing skin problems and it was also recommended for poisoning treatments.

Hildegard von Bingen drew attention in the conventual remedy to consume raw garlic because only raw garlic is fully able to pass on the inherent strength and recommended the  consumption of small doses "that the person's blood to stay cool."

But why the garlic become the symbol of longevity?

Antibiotics were unknown until the 20th century ,therefore gifts given by nature were used as a medicine. The penicillin was only invented in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, but a medium cloves of garlic, roughly is adequate to one hundred thousand units of penicillin effect. Based on this, 10 to 12 cloves of garlic are sufficient to treat serious bacterial infection. However, if you want to consume the garlic in such a large amount as a natural derived medicine, definitely ask your doctor before, as you may find that your stomach can not handle, or dilutes the blood too much, so if you are a hemophiliac, just be careful with this panacea!


Garlic belongs to bulb vegetables (Alliaceae) that belongs to lily (Liliaceae).
Garlic originates from Central and East Asia. Nowadays it is grown throughout the world and in our country also.
The garlic likes the sunny, humus-rich soil.

Active substance

The most important substance is the sulfur-containing alliin amino acid, which is odorless. The allicin arises from the chewed and disintegrated garlic clove, which gives the typical, bland, oily, slightly burning smell of garlic, and that is a sulfur-containing essential oil. Thus, since the active substance prevails only if you erode or chop, therefore, it is advised you not to swallow the clove.

The allicin oil is selected by the lungs and the skin, so therefore the smell of garlic will be felt on our breath and skin after the consumption of a certain amount (about 2-3 cloves). That’s why if we meet capsules containing unscented garlic oil extracts, its active substance content is rather questioned.
The size of garlic reveals its acrimony: the larger cloves  are mildly spicy and have a sweeter flavour. The smaller cloves have a more pungent taste.

What can you heal with garlic?

The sulfur allinin gives the characteristic smell of garlic. The taste is due to the saponine, but also contains selenium. The garlic has a versatile therapeutic effect due to these substance  so it can be also used as an antibiotic. Moreover, garlic does not have any side effect, and your body does not get used to it as we do to most drugs.

Besides its excellent bactericidal effect, it is also known as a blood purifier, but the components of garlic reduce blood clot and clean the vascular system, thus helping to avoid cardiovascular diseases. This herb is good not only for your circulation, but also for your digestion too, if  it is consumed in sufficient quantities, the garlic is detoxifying and good for reducing cholesterol as well, so it can be used successfully during dieting, if you do not want to be on a diet with unsalted, flavorless food.

And for what else is good the garlic?

Garlic is the most effective drug for preventing and curing arteriosclerosis as shown by experience. Reduces the harmful cholesterol (LDL) in blood level, while increasing the proportion of good "cholesterol (HDL), thereby preventing arteriosclerosis. The garlic vasodilator antihypertensive effect is demonstrated (methyl allyl trisulfide). The vasodilator effect of garlic prevails mainly on narrowed veins known as peripheral blood vessels, which are distant form brain, eyes and heart. Therefore, the garlic is beneficial in certain types of headaches. It may also have a good effect on gastrointestinal tract infection (diarrhea, enteritis)

  • also gets there, where medicine is not
  • has an antibiotic effect, so it is antibacterial
  • may also be used against flu and cough (trachea and bronchitis)
  • it is antifungal, excellent to treat fungus externally (in case of foot and nail fungus, poultice must be deployed)
  • for wound healing
  • excellent antiviral
  • for this reason is one of the antidote to herpes
  • it is also suitable for external treatment of warts (see warts on the soles in garlic poultice)
  • has a good anthelmintic effect
  • one of the broadest-spectrum antibiotic – wonderful, as natural, it is never going to develop resistance
  • vein purifier – regularly sweeps out the deposit from blood’s wall, thus is excellent to prevent atherosclerosis
  • thereby prevents blood coagulation
  • and cholesterol lowering
  • we consume in case of blood’s high fat values (triglyceride)
  • has a blood pressure reducer effect, if hypertension is induced by the blood vessels narrowing caused by deposition on blood vessel’s wall.
  • immunostimulatory
  • effective in cancer prevention
  • it is a brilliant antioxidant because of its C vitamin and selenium content, also contains vitamin B
  • use in case of nephritis, enteritis and pneumonia

Remember, the real effect of garlic can be gained by rawing chewing and mixing with saliva (as in this case arises its main active ingredient, the allicin), so if you fry, you also lose its valuable properties.
If you are taking drugs with blood-thinning effect, do not consume food supplements containing garlic extract oil without the constant monitoring of your doctor.

How much and how?

In order to prevail the therapeutic effects of garlic, at least two or three garlic cloves should be consumed each day. The garlic toast is a tasty and delicious breakfast, but if you have company, it might cause inconveniences, because the plant pungent smell cause not only bad breath, but its flavor can be felt through the skin. If you want to avoid this side effect, consume the raw garlic with apple, honey or lemon juice, or cook thoroughly apart, and bake it in dishes.

Garlic cure

1. Let's do it through the next garlic cure to stregthen the  immune system and wipe out the blood vessels (to prevent and cure arteriosclerosis)

*press 33 dkg cleaned garlic
*soak it for 10 days in 3 dl 96% ethanol in a strangulated bottle.
* shake it up a bit once a day, so that we can stimulate the release of the active ingredients of garlic
* after 10 days has expired, the slurry must be filtered through a clean cloth into a bottle, so we get a sticky, concentrated garlic extract

You should always drink before meals mixed in a little milk, fruit juice or water in the following manner

Days  Morning  Noon  Evening
1. day 1 drop 2 drop 3 drop
2. day 4 drop 5 drop 6 drop
3. day 7 drop 8 drop 9 drop
4. day 10 drop 11 drop 12 drop
5. day 13 drop 14 drop 15 drop
6. day 15 drop 14 drop 13 drop
7. day 12 drop 11 drop 10 drop
8. day 9 drop 8 drop 7 drop
9. day 6 drop 5 drop 4 drop
10. day 3 drop 2 drop 1 drop

Raise the normal daily water consumption during the garlic treatment period. 

Vasodilator, refreshing garlic cure in such a recipe variations in which it is relatively easy to handle the strong flavour of garlic (or smell?) as well.
    * 30 cloves of garlic
    * 5 whole lemon (preferably ’organic’)
    * Chop or blender it!
    * Add 1 l water, heat for some minutes but do not boil!
    * Filter it into a bottle, after cooled down, store it in a refrigerator!
Recommended dose on an empty stomach 1/2 dl
A course of 30 days, 8 days off and a further 30 days
Only the first two days is unusual, after that becomes pretty good!  You must always shake it, otherwise it becomes very dense at the end and it is not really pleasant!